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‘Humour & Public Speaking’ workshop

Rationale: Humour has much benefit which is profusely passed on to the practitioners of Humour. Humour promotes efficiency. When we start using humour at work place, our job becomes full of fun. Among other things, it helps to remove stress and improve productivity. How to use humour with discretion is a question mark and a big problem. Our workshop will be very helpful in this context. After clarifying the different aspects of the subject participants are made to practice the use of humour in situations which are simulated.


Help develop ability to use humour confidently:

• Help raise awareness about humour in communication

• Development of Modulation

• Control over nervousness/hesitation etc.

• Fluency in speech; and clarity in communication.

Course Contents

Understanding Humour and its use in Public Speaking:

• Understand using humorous anecdotes in the workplace
• Tailor your messaging to a defined target audience
• Using various platforms to convey messages differently

Voice & Speech Training:

• Building better breath control
• Effectively using Modulation of Voice
• Developing cordiality in voice.

Public Speaking Training:

• 5-Minute presentations
• Video Recording & Play Back Sessions
• Delivering Presentations laced with Humour
• Handling Stage Fright

Who need to attend:

• Teachers, Corporate trainers and Students.
• Public Speakers in any field
• Marketers and Sales Executives
• For N.G.O. professionals
• Anyone who is interested in Public Speaking

How will you benefit?

Surveys suggest that persons using humour are able to easily cope up with daily stress and avoid negativity. Humour has many benefits:

1. Helps in Communication:

2. Enhances Relationships:

3. Helps problem Solving:

4. Enhances positive Health:

5. Helps develop Leadership skills:

Humour helps in making happier people!

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