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Facing the Media of Nimbe Foundation Facing the Media of Nimbe Foundation Facing the Media of Nimbe Foundation



Now a days apart from the business newspapers there are a number of business channels. These channels like their counterparts of the print media, talk about financial policies and other matters relating to national and international importance. Most importantly they cover happenings in the stock markets.

Senior Executives from different organizations are interviewed by these channel anchors just as the journalists interview business leaders for their respective newspapers.

There is a big difference between the interview for a newspaper and the electronic channel interview. While newspapers use their discretion before printing views of an executive,the electronic channels take pride in telecasting such interviews in real time.

It is here that the executives who need to be interviewed by the channels; they have to be very confident. They should have the ability to articulate their opinions in a logical fashion, so that they are effective, they should speak sentences and should be able to modulate effectively.

The scope of such interviews is increasing by the day. The organizations want their annual results to be reported whenever they are good. The IPOs are reported. Besides various trade organizations want their activities to be covered.

With the above background NIMBLE Foundation conducts a highly effective practice oriented course to make these executives very confident and articulate in their speech. Since they are presented on the screen,

they are given appropriate guidance on posture and body language. This programme is gaining increasing popularity among senior executives who get personalised guidance and feedback on an individual basis.

Interviews are simulated and recorded during the classroom sessions, with a view to making learning practical and result oriented.


Prakash Gorpade (Manager, Bharat Petroleum) : “I experienced benefit and the Foundation’s efforts are particularly good as speaking is not taught in schools but is so important in day to day life.”

Mr. Indraneel Roy (Senior Divisional Manager, LIC) : "The experience has enriched and enlightened me on the art of effective verbal communication."

Miss. Yashoda Lotkar (Student, Aspiring Radio Jokey) : "Excellent workshop! It was experience to me to improve my speech and increase confident."


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