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Nimble Foundation's Leadership Skills Development Program covers Communication, Presentation Skills, Team Building, Decision Making, Delegation, Time Management and a lot more.


Communication & Presentation Skills:

Voice & Speech :
• Building better breath control.
• Enhancement of capacity of voice.
• Effectively using Modulation of Voice.
• Developing cordiality in voice.

creating content

Preparing & Delivering Effective Presentations
• Developing ability to speak impromptu.
• Video Recording & Play Back Sessions.
• Preparing a Presentation – Developing the Structure.
• Keeping the Presentation on Track.
• Including the right content.
• Developing your own style.
• Connecting with the audience.

Motivation & Confidence building:
• Enhancing self-esteem and self worth.


Body Language:
• Displaying Positive Body Language.
• Maintaining Poise in Appearance.

Time Management:
• Understanding Time.
• Analyzing Use of Time.
• Assessing Your Ability.
• Working out Priorities
• Using Time Planners

Leadership Skills & Team Building

Effective Delegation:
• Capability & capacity of team members.
• Developing Trust.
• Non interference after delegation.

Team Building:
• Characteristics of a good team.
• Emphasizing the importance of Vision.
• Integrating one’s leadership and Managerial Goals.
• Using a Leader’s role as motivator and coach.
• Understanding the principles that make teams work.
• Employing a work team simulation.

Leader as a Manager of People:
Decision Making:
• Analytical Thinking.
• 7 Steps Decision Making.
• Taking Fast Decisions.
• Dealing with Procrastination.

Managing Skills:
• Understanding the Role of a Manager.
• Enhanced Interpersonal Skills.
• Ability to Delegate effectively and monitor the progress.

• Improving the Team efficiency continuously.
• Getting the best results from people.
• Minimizing personal stress.


What makes a Great Leader:
• Definition of an effective Leader.
• Traits of a Strong Leader.
• Leadership Styles.
• Leading v Managing

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Mansi Sharma (Asst. Manager, The Leela) : “Entertaining & Educational. Very useful since long presentations are part of the job.”

Miss. Laju Sharma : "Excellent trainers! Fantastic workshop! Great efforts for Voice Training !"

Mrs. Laxmi Pillai (Lecturer, H. R. College) : “Excellent workshop! Excellent trainers! I came, I heard, I unlearned, I learned and now I am ready to deliver my lecture more effectively!”


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