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English Speaking:

This course is designed specifically for people for whom using English at work is essential to progress their career.You will focus on Interview skills in English to prepare yourself for any situation in an interview and build your confidence to talk about yourself, your qualifications and skills, your strengths and ambitions. Read more info...

Voice Culture:

Video conferencing has evolved dramatically, and it is no longer seen as a novelty. However, today’s video conferencing is still plagued with grainy images, muffled audio, jerky motion, dropped connections, and difficult-to-use software. Businesses sometimes avoid using basic video conferencing tools because the technology cannot provide professional-level image and audio quality.Nimble's Training in Video Conferencing enables you to make the most of every Conferencing Opportunity. Read more info...

Public Speaking:

A strong regional accent in today’s international business community can sometimes hinder the listener's ability to understand what is being said, making communication less effective. Developing awareness of your speech and an ability to change it can really aid communication, creating a better rapport with your listener.

The training is suitable for anyone whose clarity of speech is an important part of their work including actors, presenters, business professionals, politicians, call centre staff, teachers, trainers and English second language speakers.
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Increasingly, many of us are called upon to train colleagues or run training sessions for partner organisations. Perhaps you have a role in induction training, or maybe you are a manager who needs to upskill your team to face a new challenge. Maybe you are an IT professional who helps staff develop the skills to use a new system. Perhaps you would like to move into training as a career move. Whether training is a big part of your role, or just a small aspect of your job, our two day training the trainer training courses will help you design and deliver effective training programmes. You will gain confidence in how to present information effectively with variety and flair and acquire the skills to deal with the dynamics of group learning.
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Leadership Skills:

The Leadership Framework provides a consistent approach to leadership development for all staff in health and care irrespective of discipline, role, function or seniority and represents the standard for leadership behaviours that all staff should aspire to. Fundamental to the development of the Leadership Framework is a desire to create a single overarching framework for all health and care staff, building on best practice standards for leadership development such as existing leadership frameworks used by different staff groups. Read more info...

Facing the Media:

Senior Executives from different organizations are interviewed by these channel anchors just as the journalists interview business leaders for their respective newspapers. NIMBLE Foundation conducts a highly effective practice oriented course to make these executives very confident and articulate in their speech. Since they are presented on the screen, they are given appropriate guidance on posture and body language. This programme is gaining increasing popularity among senior executives who get personalised guidance and feedback on an individual basis. Interviews are simulated and recorded during the classroom sessions, with a view to making learning practical and result oriented. Read more info...


K. P. Roy (Senior Divisional Managers, LIC) : “Very interesting Workshop and the Foundation efforts for Voice and Speech Training.”

Paresh D. Shukla : "It was really informative. …will help me in dealing with clients on day to day basis. All aspects are addressed – meetings, conversations and email communications etc."

Edwin Jason (Asst. Manager, The Leela): “I have cleared my throat and powered up my voice.”


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