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Total Commitment to deliver

The first step towards effective training is to understand the development needs of the participants. As soon as a student joins us the trainer understands his/her objectives. Both the trainer and the trainee define the same. The methodology is explained to the participants. The total commitment of the Trainer and the Foundation, ensure that the objectives of each and every student are achieved.

Participative approach in training:

The focus of each training programmes is to help participants help themselves. This calls for a participative approach in training, where participants are made self aware about areas of improvement. They are offered suggestions and techniques for covering them. The trainer monitors the progress of each participant from session to sessions.

Perpetual Enthusiasm of the Trainers:

The training we offer enables our participants to effectively face unknown and difficult situations through better communication. The leads to a fuller development of the individual and his or her personality.

Personalised guidance and development of leadership qualities

Each trainer takes great efforts to offer personalised feedback and guidance to each participant. The trainers also instill qualities of leadership and team building which are particularly essential for professionals working in the Corporate Sector.

Development of Skills essential for the successful practice of a profession and leading a healthier, happier life

A balanced and reasonable perspective towards life is hard to maintain in today’s fast and stressful life. Nimble’s trainers help participants imbibe the life skills that enable them to strike a right balance between career and family.

Reasonable fees

We believe that opportunities for self-development should be made available to everybody. The programme fees are kept a reasonable to ensure a wider participation of people from all walks of life especially students and working professionals.


Virendra Singh (Senior Divisional Manager, LIC) : “The programme is very nice and also the Foundation efforts for Voice and Speech Training is very good.”

Vansh Gopal Singh (Lecturer, H. R. College) : "It was very nice and attractive. It should be arranged at least two times in an academic year so that we could get such a dais and audience to speak."

Edwin Jason (Asst. Manager, The Leela): “I have cleared my throat and powered up my voice.”


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