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Every individual has God given talent which is hidden inside. But the person has inhibitions and FEAR in expressing them in words in presence of others. The fear of public speaking or stage fright is also termed as Glossophobia. Many people experience some degree of stage anxiety before speaking/performing at events; however most manage to get over it no matter how unpleasant they may find it. At NIMBLE we strive to bring it out and instill the CONFIDENCE in communication with correct words and body language. This enables them to face any interview successfully and converse with their superiors effectively. Thus the communication is rightly understood by the listener. The result is obtained by our passion, vast experience, dedication and commitment for 100 % delivery of quality with value addition to change the life of each and every individual attending the course. With fierce competition in job market, youth today are finding that degrees alone do not necessarily land them in job, effective communication and impressive presentation of SELF is must to succeed in an interview. .Public Speaking has become almost a necessity for executives, business owners and even students. Let’s all realize the importance of getting trained from a Top Public Speaking Institute. But the problem is how to find one and how one can be sure that the public speaking course which the institute is offering will be most suitable for our objectives. In fact public speaking development is nothing less than a talent development.NIMBLE FOUNDATION is the only nonprofit organization established in 2003. It has been working in India for public speaking development. People consider our courses as the best public speaking courses in Mumbai and in India.

Public Speaking – Benefits

> Increases your self confidence

> Makes you more comfortable in social circles.

> Helps you make a difference in your life, career, business & community

> Allows you to demonstrate your knowledge

> Differentiates you amongst the workforce, peer group etc

> Helps you form tribe of supporters

At NIMBLE, one can get the above benefits of public speaking. Thus people consider our classes as the best public speaking classes in South Mumbai.

Stage Fright

Stage fright is a critical problem when we talk of public speaking. No wonder everyone tries to overcome stage fright but are at a loss to find out how to go about it. Though there are a lot of literatures and self help books that claim to teach public speaking, yet these can make miniscule difference. We bring out YOU within you for becoming a successful individual, professional or entrepreneur, ready to face any challenge and lead life successfully. We instill confidence and drive out fear by motivation and attitudinal changes .We first analyze the problem or complications that the student might be facing and eradicate it from them by exposing them to the world which makes our institute best public speaking and spoken English institute in Churchgate, Mumbai.The biggest problem is that of stage fright. Because of the demon of stage fright many feel that they are not able to stand up and speak in front of people. It will require competent trainers who can assure that the trainees overcome the difficulty of stage fright. At NIMBLE FOUNDATION, we are a group of highly qualified trainers with proven ability. No wonder our public speaking classes have been popular for the last more than 15 years. In fact we have designed a very effective public speaking course for various segments of aspirants.

Voice Culture

Oftentimes people are not satisfied with the quality of their voice. Only NIMBLE FOUNDATION has created a unique voice culture program which makes our institute outstanding in public speaking classes in Mumbai. Only voice culture can make voice correction and enhance your ability so that when you speak on the stage your voice is attractive enough and the audience wants to listen to you. Our certified public speaking course is recognized & appreciated by the leading corporates in Mumbai.

Preparation of the speech

The best public speaking training can be identified only when the students are able to prepare their speeches as per the requirement of the occasion and as per the requirement of the audience. While preparing the various modules of public speaking, NIMBLE FOUNDATION has spared no effort to ensure the excellent results. These results only establish that NIMBLE FOUNDATION offers the top rated public speaking courses in Mumbai.

Humour in speech

Humour is an important ingredient of a speech. Realizing this we conduct workshops on humour and public speaking. Our program also trains students and develop their ability to use humour most appropriately. In fact this makes our public speaking institute stand out among the rest.

Body language

Body language is another very important aspect which has to be imbibed in the talent of public speaking. Nimble Foundation have worked deeply on this aspects. We conduct a full one day workshop on body language and public speaking. This is the only institute which imparts hands on training in posture, hand movements, facial expressions and how to use body language to fortify the statements made in the speech. Eye contact with the audience is very important. This is an area where presenters face lot of problems. Our training institute ensures that the trained speakers face the audience confidently. How to build your confidence in front of the audience has been included as a separate module in the training curriculum. No wonder for last 15 years our courses in public speaking are highly commended by one and all. A few of the feedbacks picked up randomly from thousands of feedbacks of the students trained for the last 15 years are listed below:

Dr. Bindu Variath (Ph. D.) (Vice Principal, K.C. Law College) : “I improved a lot.”

Mr. B. Prakash (HR Dept., Godrej) : "I can feel my level of confidence is getting improved session by session."

Narender Singh (IIM Udaipur): “Extraordinary and genius effort to inculcate the Voice qualities in individuals.”

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