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Conferences today constitute and important feature of a medium and large business organization. It’s benefit are immense. Firstly there would be introduction between leaders of different team. The functions looked after by one leader often depend on the co-operation He/She receives from others.

These conferences can bring out the problem among the department on the surface. The problems are seen and can be understudy. Once this happens it is easier to find to solutions.

Besides the department managers need to interact in an open atmosphere a part from their normal interaction while performing their functions during the working day. Humans, being individuals tend to develop likes and prejudice among then. These lead to certain assuming which are held by each of them. These the openness of the mind is compromise. Such conference when organize by a organization is helpful in meet getting the prejudice. There for these conferences are also welcome for improving the interdepartmental relationship.

Now let suppose there organization with a pan India present organizes a conference at a corporate office on the theme that they have chosen to work on. All invites will evidently make adequate preparation for the conference there could be key note speaker from within the organization or professional invited from outside. Either way the choice of key note speakers it’s critical. In view of the important of such conference and the expense involve the CEO must be kept in the loop. Needless to say that all arrangement will be carried out by a team nominated by HR/ Administration department.

Hosting a conference involves a lot of work. The Conference planning workshop focuses on all aspects of conference planning starting with securing the necessary permissions, putting together committees for performing various tasks, reserving the venue, planning programmes, arranging for accommodation, travel and other support to delegates, display, and conference materials, Equipment and support etc.

Attending this half day workshop is an ideal way to get the basic tools, and suggestions for planning, organizing a successful conference that is just as absorbing and fulfilling for those who organize it as for those who attend it.

A participant at Nimble Shares her experience on how to plan and organize a Conference.

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