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BECOME AN ONLINE TRAINER!    NIMBLE's TRAIN-THE-TRAINER PROGRAME IS NOW ONLINE!              Call : +91 - 81695 47163 or Email: info@nimblefoundation.org


Want to become a trainer with a reputation for delivering high-impact programs and solid value for money? Become a brand of your own. Join the Train the Trainer program to find out what it takes. This comprehensive program allows you to sharpen your skills in determining the needs of the audience, handling hecklers and bring about dramatic improvement in your professional appeal.

Nimble is an institute with a difference. It is an esteemed institute in harnessing training skills through Train the Trainer Programs. Our Training Programs encompass the soft skills, sales and marketing, cooperate training and much more, which also includes. If you really want to set a benchmark as a trainer and gain a practical overview of the entire training process through modeling of the best practices and latest techniques in training delivery, then enroll in Certificate in Teaching, Training and Developing Professionals - an in class program designed to meet the rapidly developing challenges of corporate training market.

The course is more geared to meet the corporate and behavioral skill training. No matter how good the trainer is it would fail to create an impact if it does not meet to understand the psychological needs of the trainees. The trainer can only make the trainees excel to meet the corporate needs when he/ she develop an understanding of the thinking pattern of the trainees.

Nimble institution in Asia is committed to excellence in providing highest quality learning and a great platform for potential global educators, education managers and educational entrepreneurs refining our focus on designing tailor-made courses which will lead them towards a successful teaching/training and management career. Nimble’s Endeavour has always been to bring the best in training to our learners.

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