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Outbound Training has been designed to involve a method of training that aims to enhance organizational performance through experiential learning. Such programs are often also referred to as corporate adventure training and outdoor management development.

Nimble Foundation has introduced a variety of programs which focus on outdoor activities. They envisage the improvement of employee performance through activities which include management games, group discussions, camp fires, as well as physical and mental competitive games. Participants move away from their usual work environment. They are grouped together in an open atmosphere. The first objective is to remove their inhibitions. They are encouraged to express themselves the way they want. Rigid and formalized reporting structures are broken down. Individuals are able to interact and bond with each other. This removes mutual ill-will due to whatever reasons and gives rise to a feeling of camaraderie and team spirit.

Our Outbound Training programs are devised keeping the following objectives in view!

Creating rapport within the Heads of Department Group.
Understanding the strength of a collaborative approach.
Learning to align the leadership skills of individual participants with the broad objectives and mission of the organization.
Exploring Principles that would make the Team more effective and productive.
Understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses and realizing the overall advantage of a collaborative achievement.
Generating enthusiasm among the participants and reassuring them to stay positive.

For achieving these objectives, participants are put through a series of team activities. Two or more teams will compete with each other. Within a team,

Participants help one other while contributing innovative ideas for team success. The process aims to bring strength to individual teams working together, while fostering team spirit and mutual goodwill.

The entire program is spread over a weekend (two day training) and can also be stretched to three days with an addition of communication skills module integrated into it.

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