Business English and Written Communication Skills by Nimble Foundation Business English and Written Communication Skills by Nimble Foundation Business English and Written Communication Skills by Nimble Foundation

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Written communication skills can be useful, even crucial, for career success. If you're good at business writing, you're more likely to create a good impression. But if you aren't getting the message across clearly with your words, your chances for getting jobs, promotions, raises and bonuses may be harmed. We at Nimble Academy is committed to teaching English Language and Communication Skills to the utmost satisfaction of each and every student. The institution stands for Quality in its teaching methods and learning resources.

How can you develop written communication skills?

Writing can be intimidating, but as with most things, practice helps. So does learning the basics. You can do that by taking a business-writing course at Nimble.

Why learn written communication skills?

English is one of the most universally spoken and written languages in the world. 80% of information on computers and over the internet is in English. Over 50% of newspapers or magazines you pick up to read are in English. Three quarters of all emails and faxes are sent and received in English. Five of the largest television companies in the world (CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC and CBC) relay in English, reaching millions and millions of people all over the world. So if you want to study, live, work or travel anywhere in the world, you will need to read, write and speak English. And you also need to learn it from experts who have enough experience in training students like YOU.

This is where Nimble Foundation with its vast experience comes into the picture. It has emerged as one of the top institutions in the country, focused on training areas including Teaching English, Effective Communication, Personality Development skills and more. In view of COVID-19, our smart Written Skills Training is now online. You can call or email us for details.

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