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NIMBLE Foundation has pioneered a unique programme known as ‘Voice Culture & Speaking Skills’. This programme covers all aspects of Voice and Speech enhancement. Techniques are offered to individual participants that help them leverage the full potential of their Voice & Communication Skills. Voice Culture is specially suited to the requirements of senior professionals such as Advocates, Doctors, Bankers, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Chartered Accountants, as well as senior Executives from the Corporate Sector. Spread over 10 sessions the programme focuses on voice voice modulation, overcoming common speaking defects, breath control and exercises for the Pitch,Tone and Level of Voice. In view of the Corona Virus Pandemic, Voice Culture training is conducted online using media of Zoom / JioMeet.

Voice & Speech

Though we all speak all the time, not many of us know how the voice is formed and how the words are created. It is only after learning the process that one can work towards the improvement, which can bring about voice modulation. The breath, the vocal chords, the cavities in the mouth and nose and the vibrating muscles – all contribute to making your voice rich and attractive. Voice Culture involves making the speech organs nimble and agile. These in turn enable you to speak with enviable clarity of speech.

10 Intensive Sessions

Voice Culture is a 10 session training program that focuses on voice modulation, better breath control, overcoming speech defects, exercises for the Pitch, Tone and Level of Voice. Further, Training is provided on addressing an audience, making speeches and developing the spontaneous ability of extempore communication. Voice Culture addresses voice and speech inadequacies and enables participants to become adept and effective communicators.

Weekend Training

Nimble offers special weekend training in Voice Culture on Saturdays and Sundays in addition to regular training during weekdays. The training is conducted one-to-one at mutually convenient timings.

Voice Culture comprises training which enhances the quality of your voice and speech. In fact, voice culture training empowers you with the most sought after quality of leaders – efficacy in speech.

Never Before

Voice Culture enables us to hear our own voice as never before. This training process helps us to self-analyze and self-observe our own voice and speech. The training discusses ways to improve and puts individuals on a path of continuous learning and development in voice, language and speech.

Verbal Communications

IN the modern era where verbal communications are occupying the centre stage, anyone who desires to enhance his/her personality and progress in life needs to attend the patented programme of Voice Culture pioneered by Nimble Academy.

Join Nimble Foundation's proven Voice Culture training program and win the world with your words!

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