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Nimble Foundation financial cons Nimble Foundation financial cons Nimble Foundation financial cons


 Financial Consultants Feedback

Amla Saraf (Edelweiss Financial) : "A lot of fun! It helped me understand various aspects of speeches!"

Yogesh Deorukhkar (Quantum Mutual Funds) : "Program was very interesting, study material is very useful. Trainer is very knowledgeable and put good input in us."

Yadnesh Kolhe (Quantum Mutual Funds) : "Very Good!"

Asha Yadav (LIC) : "This programme gave me confidence and the improved the communication skills."

Yatish B. Mehta (LIC) : "Greatly Benefited."

Dharmendra Singh (LIC) : " Good!"

Manish Joshi (LIC) : " Learnt Modulation."

Paras Sharma (LIC) : "Refreshing and helpful! "

Anupama Tiwari (LIC) : "It’s really very good to improve myself for coming tasks."

Sagar S. Jadhav (LIC) : "Helpful programme to improve the telephone etiquette and email writing."

Sourabh A. Wanjare (LIC) : " It helps to improve on our communication skill and mail writing. It helps to increase our confidence level."

Amit Vyas (LIC) : "It was good learning Experience! "

Viran C. Bijre (LIC) : "I got a good experience, foundation also given good efforts."

Jaysh Ghelani (LIC) : "Now, I can speak English in front of so many people."

Nadrda Ashok G. (LIC) : "Sir teach in English this the very nice thing so the sir has forced us to think in English which is very helpful."

Jignesh Bhaila (LIC) : "Nimble foundation is very good class!"

Jodhani Vishal M. (LIC) : " It was great Experience!"

Abhishek Patel (LIC) : "Good!"

Chirag Chopra (LIC) : " My communication became good!"

Snehal (LIC) : " Excellent!"

Samir Naroda (LIC) : "Very helpful for me."

Chirag Manani (LIC) : "It was superb!"

Ankit Nawadiya (LIC) : "Very nice experience. I got through this workshop."

Banita Arun Biswas (LIC) : " Nice experience got to know the fundamentals of Voice Culture."

Sneha (LIC) : "Yes, I removed my hesitation and fumbling."



K. P. Roy (Senior Divisional Managers, LIC) : “Very interesting Workshop and the Foundation efforts for Voice and Speech Training.”

Paresh D. Shukla : "It was really informative. …will help me in dealing with clients on day to day basis. All aspects are addressed – meetings, conversations and email communications etc."

Edwin Jason (Asst. Manager, The Leela): “I have cleared my throat and powered up my voice.”


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