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Leadership Development Program Conducted by Satish Kakri

Tarun Israni : "A wonderful experience. A lot to learn. Was helped me lot Thank you sir."

Mithil Sejpal : "It was a well organised training session. Very useful."

Aditya Jain : "It was really good to be here. I never had knowledge of how voice modulation can be done and how it can work in our advantage. Learn how to speak confidently without messing up words in between and speak with clarity."

Atul Setia : "Nice, sructured programme. Adequate number of candidates for the session. It could be of a longer duration. We can have an extempore session."

Kamlesh Gupta : "It is an excellent training program with focus on true improvement in public speaking & communication skills. Wonderful."

Subrahmanya : "Overall the seminar is very interactive. The presentation of content is very clear and relevant. Techniques taught are practicable and can implemkental on day to day work. Overall this seminar is very helpful for me and I recommend my collegues to take part in this seminars."

Sreejith Pillai : "The session was excellent. The trainer offered a lot of insights and was both very encouraging and forgivings. I hope the institute contributes to arrange similar proagramme in the future."

Vandana Baluni : "The programme was very useful & gave idea to speak publically with confidence. Also gave idea to articulate this. 1. Confidence building exercise. 2. clarity & pronounciation of few words required more . Thank you"

Pradeep Kumar Anand :"It was a good session. It has made me aware of deficiencies in my speaking abilities and shown ways to improve it. Thank you."

Girish Keshav Raikar : "Presentation & training- excellent informative trainer- very good, impressive. Will like to do some exercise."

Pratik Thakkar : "The start with which the emphasis was laid on importance of speech organs and modulation of voice had an impact on the mind. Observation of certains skills I liked it was understood bcr of practice taken. Further, goods points wre onserved from colleagues atending the seminar."

Manisha Panhale : "Wish to learn techniques for building confidence for effective communication. Body language postures etc."

Sunil Asrani : "The training provided has helped me identify the areas on which I need to improve upon. The instructor Mr. Satish Kakri sir was motivating and was increasing confidence is all the students. Very forward: one on one session since the group is .... for 5 mnt so that students know was to improve."

Debasis Khamrai : "I would like to get further trainings on the concepts taught. Move over I would like to improve my overall English Skills, be it writing or speaking. I studied in non- english medium school till class 12. So I feel my english needs to be improed. Any further trainings be it online or offline will help."

Shivrajan Acharya : "It was nice to get Participating among a very enthusiastic team members and a best Guru on Communication. Certain things for more improvement. More time should be given say instead of one day it should be for one week. More participation personally with certain areas of improvement, basically removing stage fear. How to control breath. How to change voice."

Ramnath Venkat Bhagavath :"a wonderful experience. A lot to learn. has helped me lot Thank you sir"



K. P. Roy (Senior Divisional Managers, LIC) : “Very interesting Workshop and the Foundation efforts for Voice and Speech Training.”

Paresh D. Shukla : "It was really informative. …will help me in dealing with clients on day to day basis. All aspects are addressed – meetings, conversations and email communications etc."

Edwin Jason (Asst. Manager, The Leela): “I have cleared my throat and powered up my voice.”


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