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Debate title-Social media is boon or bane
Boon side members-Krupali, Pavithran, Priyanka,Pravin
Bane side members-Bhupesh, Komal, Sagar

Point from boon team-

1. Increases Knowledge: You can improve and enhance your skills by sharing your ideas, knowledge and information with millions of people even if they are miles away from you.
2. Easiest Connection: You can keep in touch with your friends at all times from any corner of the world and can find anyone if you lose contact.
3. Educational Purposes: Educational institutes, teachers and professors can extend their classroom discussions and post assignments, quizzes and tests and assist students with homework.
4. Common Interests: Social media gives teens with unusual interest and hobbies a place to share information and passion. Social media helps them to enhance and manage their social lives.
5. Benefits for Businesses: Social media marketing is an excellent tool that businesses are using to get exposure at a much lower cost than any other means of traditional marketing. Everything is just one click and one post away.
6. Builds your Brand: Social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook help in attracting new customers and engross the customers with products which make their brand popular. It enables a business to get new information about their customers and improve their customer services.

Point from bane team-

1. Constant Comparison: People use their social profiles to show their lives as perfect, and people compare their lives with others and think of themselves as low. It decreases their happiness levels and this will leads to self-esteem problem.
2. Threat of Hackers: Privacy is a major drawback of social media platforms. Hacking accounts and using other person’s personal information for malicious intentions has been an issue since the usage of social media started. This problem now a days only increasing.
3. Addiction: People are becoming so addicted to social media that they are spending most of their time on it instead of doing any other productive or important work. Lots of people now prefer online conversations rather than meeting in person, which is weakening their relationships.
4. Health Issues: Health is the most important aspect of one’s life, and it is getting badly affected as many people spend all day in front of their computers or on their mobiles phones.
5. Credibility: There are no reliable measures to check the truthiness of the news and videos present on social media. It will be difficult to track or find the origin of content. People easily believe and don’t even think twice to check whether the news or piece of information is correct or not.
6. Online Bullying and Harassment: it is the biggest danger for people and affects them badly, especially teenagers. Gossips and rumors spread soon. In this person’s behavior can include posting rumors, threats, sexual remarks, posting personal information.
7. Depression: Anyone who gets trolled over social media or is harassed easily get into depression. The person who is trolled by social media can’t get out of depression easily.


Whether social media is a blessing or a curse entirely depends on how we use it. Social media can give you well returns if you use it positively, on the other hand, you can waste a big chunk of your time on social media if you are doing it just to pass the time. No matter how much information or entertainment we are enjoying through social media, however, life can be great if you spend less time on social networking sites and more time in the real world.